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Venturing Crew 795
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Venturing is Fun and Exciting!

No meetings in December or January. 
Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year 

Do you want to:

Discover new, exciting places?

  • Nature centers, museums, business tours, science centers, historic sites, etc.

Earn awards?

  • Venturing Award, Cyber Chip award, conservation, sports award (do on your own), leadership, etc.

Learn new skills?

  •  Emergency preparedness, leadership, new hobbies,etc.

Become a leader in the crew? '

  • Crew President, VP of programming, secretary, VP of Administration, activities chair, etc.

Explore the outdoors? (mostly summer time)

  • warm weather hiking, summer boating, nature centers(year round), nature walks, etc.

Conduct service projects in the community? 

  • Examples could include: outdoor clean-up projects, indoor clean ups, Conservation projects(summer time), food drives, and other good works.
Carreer and Hobby exploration 
  • Crew 795 does carreer and hobby exploration-- tell us about a career or hobby you are interested in learning about and we will try to set something up with an expert! We do day trips. SEE THE LINK IN THE LEFT COLUMN FOR MORE INFORMATION! 


Males and females 14-20 years old can join Venturing. If you are 13 years old and have completed the 8th grade you are also eligible to join. Members can be from any town. We primarily serve the towns of Raymond, Epping, Candia, Fremont, Brentwood, Auburn, and Nottingham . 

Where and when do we meet (no minimum attendance requirement)?

We would like to meet twice a month, but due to lack  of attendance (most of our current youth are inactive) we can not always meet even once a month. If we have enough adults and you do not mind the probability that you are the only other person there, we would be happy to set up a meeting by appointment. We used to try to meet on a Tuesday or a Friday, but if that is not okay we can work something out. We normally meet at one of the following locations. Please contact us for this month's schedule. (See bottom of page for contact info). 

  • Raymond High School (room 209) at 6:00 p.m.- 45 Harriman Hill Road, Raymond, NH 03077

  • Raymond United Methodist Church at 6:00 p.m. – 51 Main Street, Raymond, NH 03077 (use side entrance on Wight Street)

Monthly activities  – we would like to again begin holding low or no cost monthly activities different from our regular meetings, however we are in need of more members  (hopefully you) to do so.


How much does it cost?

We have an $18 membership fee that is good through the end of 2018. Many of our activities are free, while others have a small cost. We will be doing fund raising to cover some costs of activities.


Guess what?

The youth members of the crew pick can pick the activities and programming they would like to do, within reason, and within the crew's capabilities. Adult members are present for support, advice, guidance, working on awards with the members, etc. 

Current members?

We currently have 3 male and 2 female members, ranging in ages from 15-19.

Crew 795

We are currently a small and new Venturing Crew. This has its pros and cons. Scheduling difficulties for larger activities are probably the hardest challenge. However, there are also many benefits to a small crew. Individual members have a greater say in what we do (within our capabilities) and when we do it.

 Adult leaders (there are 6 registered adult leaders – 1 male and 3 female)

June Dickerson – Committee Chair

Jane Bailey - Committee Member



Feel free to e-mail or call us for more information or just show up at any of our meetings:    or   895-0469 

Venturing is a coed branch of the Boy Scouts of America.


Our Apologies

The Thursday, NOVEMBER 16, 2017 Crew MEETING  at Raymond High School, unfortunately , has beenCANCELLED because both of  the available adult leaders are sick in bed. We are sorry for the late notice and the inconvenience. Please contact us for information on our next meeting. Thank you!